WTS/WTT: UK - Full Sanwa Agetec, Namco PS1 stick, Boxed Agetec

Hi Guys,

I’m UK based, but I will consider shipping worldwide as long as you are prepared to pay the shipping costs, although I will consider paying for international shipping for a good trade.

All prices are open to offers, but please be realistic.

Pics to come later as I am posting this from work.

Namco is in great condition apart from 1 rusty faceplate screw. Unboxed. Rarer Japanese model with black restrictor gate.[SOLD]

The second Agetec is in great condition too, but the box took some shunting in the post.


Also, have decided to sell my personal 360 stick.This is my personal arcade stick. The frame is made of oak which has been waxed with a beeswax polish. It has a Sanwa JLF joystick, with an octagonal restrictor gate (I can swap this for a square one if requested), red shaft cover (modded seimitsu cover), and a clear red seimitsu bubble top. Seitmitsu PS-14-KN face buttons in clear red. Inset 24mm start and select buttons on the rear, and an inset 30mm home button on the side. It also has an acrylic top plate.

Please be aware that this entire thing was cut and crafted by myself, by hand, using only manual hand tools, so it does have very slight imperfections, but a ton of hard grind and elbow grease went in to this thing and I am proud of it.

The wiring is very messy as I’m no electrician, but I can assure you that everything works perfectly. It uses a Madcatz wired 360 pcb.

As stated, this is my personal stick, and I am very sorry to see it go, but times are hard and I want this to go to a good home.[NO LONGER SELLING]

Offers welcome, but please be realistic!

Please email me if you have any questions

I am willing to trade for: Madcatz TE, Sanwa Flash1, Ascii optical, and customs.

Payments through Paypal preffered

*These are all now being listed on eBay too.

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