WTS/WTT: Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) New & Sealed

New and sealed copies of Valkyria Chronicles $35 shipped each. i’m hearing from retailers that they stopped printing this game?? they are kinda hard to find now. BOTH COPIES SOLD SOLD SOLD****

also have (1) sealed Assassin’s Creed (PS3): 20 shipped and (1) sealed Simpsons Game (PS3): 15 shipped

i’m looking to trade for other ps3 stuff. i need PSN points, sixaxis/dualshock 3 controller(s), bluray movies.
please dont trade me grimy ps3 controllers i want them clean and like new. i’ve had my share of grimy ass shit lately.:china:

You interested in Socom for PS3 new and sealed w/o headset. I’m interested in Valkyria Chronicles.

Thanks for the offer Lefty but I’m not looking for ps3 games right now I have most of the exclusives.

This also sounds nerdy but i’ll trade for mtg cards. nicer cards only please i dont want no 2000 random ass cards. im a heavy legacy player fyi. im open for onslaught lands and dual lands (i can also add cash for playsets of nicer stuff).

US ONLY i’ve had offers for magic cards from way the fuck out of the country. thanks guys…

PM’d for VC

one sold one left.

PM’d for the other VC copy

pmed back. last copy of VC pending.

I just got my sealed copy of VC today, Al.
Its great - thanks!

There’s no way they’ve stopped printing Valkyria Chronicles. I saw it yesterday at Best Buy for 34.99 CAD.

Of course, this just might be a Canadian thing.