WTS/WTT: Wacom Intuos 3 6x8 Pen Tablet $190 SHIPPED

Practically new and haven’t really used it since I’ve been doing other stuff. $190 shipped OBO. Also Willing to take some trades, looking for 360 RE5 and 1/8 PVC Figures or let me know what you have.


Comes with original box and pretty much everything that you would get if you bought it new.

Pm or post any questions.

Ahhh if only it was a wide-aspect tablet I’d be all over this. Great price though!

^^Actually I’m pretty sure you can adjust it to fit your needs. The reason I chose this one was so I could avoid all that since I got a 5:4 monitor. You can change the area that your using with the software it comes with.

heh yeah, I have that goin’ on my I2 atm, 12x9 but I’m using it on a 24", it works pretty well, but the missing area will deceive me sometimes, lol.

I initially bought the 9x12 because I thought the extra space would be better, I was wrong. :rofl: I think I ended up losing money on that sale just so I could get this one and then I ended up not using it anyways, school’s taking too much of my time. That and a lot of gaming. :sweat:

Haha, yeah I thought the same thing, 9x12 is too big(sooo much desk space), but the 6x11 I use at work is juuust right.

Looks like a great deal, I’d grab it if my 6x8" Intuos2 wasn’t still alive and kicking. Anyone interested in doing design work seriously should snatch this up quick.

Good luck with the sale. :tup:

I bought mine for $330 a long time ago. This is a good price if anybody doesn’t have one.

Best size imho.

Never a bad time to upgrade. :lovin: Thanks for the comments everyone.

price update and willing to do trades.