WTS/WTT: Xbox 360 Console/Xbox 360 Madcatz SE/Xbox 360 Hori EX2

**Selling: **Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Model. ($195 shipped)

**Selling: **Madcatz SE 360 ($80 shipped)
**- **In the box -
Fresh from Lizardlick Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick installed. (Total play time: 30 minutes.)
Fresh from LizardLick Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons installed. (Total play time: 30 minutes.)

  • Also selling a Hori EX2 ($40 shipped)

Also interested in trades. Mostly looking for some PC parts for Battlefield 3. If you think I’ll be interested in something, give it a shot, maybe I will be.


Are you willing to take apart the SE and sell the PCB and ribbon cables?

Is the SE still available? I’m pm’ing you.

well im interrsted with your SE, tho do you mind if im from canada? O:

SE still available