WTS: X-Arcade 2P, T5 Sanwa, Parts

I have a 2P X-arcade for sale. It includes the PS2, XBox, PC (PS/2) and the Xbox/PS3 beta adaptors. Has some use, but all buttons and buttons and sticks work. I’d like $90 shipped in US.


Also for sale is my Tekken 5 stick. I modded it myself, it has Sanwa parts, JLF and snap-in buttons. I filed the tabs and used the stock PCB. I have the box for it although it is a bit sun faded. It was barely used, mostly just tested to see if it worked once I modded it. If you don’t like the 8 button layout, I have two hole plugs I can switch in. Asking $90 shipped in US.


$180 shipped in US -Hanns-G 25" Monitor Link No dead pixels, comes with DVI-HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio male-male cables. Used for 2 weeks, selling because I found out I could repair my old monitor.

I also have various parts for sale.

T5 Parts:
24x 30mm Red Buttons
4x 24mm Yellow Buttons

Hori EX2 Parts:
6x 30mm Buttons (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 2xGray)
Green Balltop

Street Fighter 4 SE Parts:
9x 30mm White Buttons
Stock Joystick (Complete) (on hold)

2x JLF Harness (1 on hold)
Sanwa Octogate
White Balltop
2x Dark Hai Balltop
2x 24mm Sanwa Red Snap-in Buttons (on hold)
2x 30mm Button Plug


I guess if trades are the only option I need a second SF4 SE for 360 or maybe a SFAC.

I can trade my SFAC stick for ur T5 modded let me know.

I’d prefer the money, but if it doesn’t sell for a while, I’d certainly be interested. Got any pics/info on it?

Your PM’s are full. D:

Sorry about that, cleared.

Responded Hente.

Put some stuff on hold for Hente and added a monitor for sale.

Bump, prices lowered.

T5 stick sold to Pijaibros. Someone buy the rest of my shit, feel free to make offers.

PM me price shipped to Plano (Dallas), Tx for:

1 x Sanwa Octo gate assuming it fits a JLF (exact model?)
2 x 30mm black button plugs (who makes it?)
1 or both 24mm Sanwa snap-in red buttons


The two red buttons are already spoken for. I forgot who made the button plugs because I’ve had them for so long (though not used… not that button plugs get worn out). I think I got them from Laugh, but it also could have been Lizard Lick. I think Laugh, I must have ordered 6 but I ended up making one of the T5s eight button.