WTS: X-arcade, Sega Blast City with 2 x MC Cthulhus


X-Arcade upgraded - £140

Twas unsatisfied with the unresponsive and inaccurate stick so I just performed a straight 1 to 1 switch over to a professional old school stick, the Euro-IL which some of you will know about here. I also installed new buttons fitted with cherry micro switches which have a more responsive and satisfying clicking action. The upgrades were not cheap but they were well worth the hassle and expense. Heres a video of someone doing something similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agdj23MIRHg

I have the retro classic old Xbox and USB PC adapters included.

Also Sega Blast City Control Bezel with 2 x MC Cthulhus! £180

This particular model handily unlocks away from the machine making it perfect for a retro arcade emulator controls project, you can look at this thread to get a better idea

The inside is a bit grimy but, trust me, I have cleaned it up a fair bit since I first received it a few years ago!

Included is the key you need to unlock the top, the screws and locks to mount whatever sega compatible panel you decide to buy.
I also have 2 x MC Cthulhu PCBs which are perfect for installing in one of these bezels as they will make your setup compatible with many retro consoles as well as windows PC. These are pretty rare now and do not come up for sale that often so worth getting my bundle just for these alone.

I never got to finish this project which is a shame but might as well go to someone who will sort it.