WTS: X360 custom stick. JLF/Seimitsu (SOLD pls close)


Selling my personal custom X360 stick. Barely used, and plays like a dream. Perfect for lap players as the thing is small (tad smaller than a MC SE…Definitely thinner). It is the stick being used as my avatar.

Firm price of $185 + $15 shipping (within the U.S., foreign will depend). No trades. Paypal Only.

Made of Brazilian Koa
Hand rubbed tung oil and Polyurethane finish
Sanwa JLF
Seimitsu buttons
Octagonal gate
2 LS-33 springs
Quick disconnects on buttons making the artwork a breeze to swap out
No slip feet
2 front buttons are for Dashboard and Start

I own 3 of this mans sticks, they all are very well made, and have given me no issues. He is good at what he does, and you can really tell it from his craftsmanship. Would recomend

PM sent.

Replied bear.

can you put p360 on it?

Sold, please close thread.