WTS xarcade tankstick moded and ps2adaptor

I have an xarcade tankstick that I have moded with happ competition sticks and buttons also pluged the 2extra buttons. I also have the ps2adaptor for it along with a db9 switch box so you can switch between pc and ps2. The only issue with it is idrilled 4 xtra holes on the p1 side to try Japanese parts in it. I also have all the stock sticks and buttons for it. I’ll sell the whole package for 150$ + shipping of your choice. If anyone wants it or wants parts of it please email me at cwrenlmi@gmail.com .I’ll be willing to send pics to anyone interested.

You’re probably better off going the ebay route. MOST srk user’s know how bad x arcades are but, I sold my x arcades on ebay and actually made a profit. Just so you know. :bgrin:

I am also going the evas rout. Just 1 fact the xarcade works flawlessly. The problem with them is the stick and buttons,& I swapped those. The PCB and ps2 adaptor work just as well as any other stick. There’s no lag I tested for it, atleast on mine. If someone wants a 2p American style stick with a built in mouse this thing is perfect.