WTS: XB360 TE-S Stick and Pioneer AVH-P3200BT Car Stereo System

Due to the holidays I’ve decided to sell a couple of things off to make up for the shopping I’ve done recently. Hopefully these items will get some use from somebody as I am not making much use of them any longer! These prices are not final and am willing to be flexible, albeit I find that I believe that the prices listed are fair. I would prefer a local transaction as I live in the Northern New Jersey/NYC area but am willing to ship these items out.

Xbox 360 TE-S $80

First, we have a Xbox 360 Mad Catz Tournament Edition S stick I bought last year, I got some good use out of it and honestly love the stick but I just received a Hori VLX for Christmas so I unfortunately do not have much use for this stick anymore. It has never been modded, all of the parts are original and I have the original box as well.


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Pioneer AVH-P3200BT Car Stereo System - UPDATE $280

Finally, We have a Pioneer AVH-P3200BT Car Stereo System. I bought this guy last year and haven’t had a chance to use it once due to my car being broken into before I installed it and did not want to take the risk of having it stolen around my neighborhood. It has a 5.8-inch LCD Touchscreen (1440x240 resolution) Built in Bluetooth, USB Input, rear-view camera input, a mini A/V input on the front panel and a USB/iPod/iPhone port on the front. Also SAT radio ready. It has all of the cables it originally came with and the original box.


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I’ve purchased things and sold things here on SRK in the past and due to a rough transaction I had with a guy selling custom sticks a few years back I know exactly what it is like to be jerked around by a seller so please have confidence that I will respond to any message right away and will ship out purchased items the moment I receive payment. Again if you would like to discuss pricing on any of the items please feel free to either send me a PM or message me on AIM or MSN (Midnightkur0/Midnightkur0@gmail.com respectively). I can also provide more picture if requested.

I hope I have items you are looking for and look forward to shipping these guys out, thanks for taking a look at my page!

I can vouch for MK here, very dilligent with handling transactions online. Approach with confidence.

PMd on TE-S.

PMd on TE-S also

Bump! Still in talks with people regarding the TE-S but the Pioneer is being bumped down to $280!

what? I thought you sold the te-s already?

PM’d about TES

Is the TE-S still available?