WTS: XBL Points, Xbox 250GB, Tekken 6 stick bundle


Hey guys, I have some Xbox Live Points Cards I don’t think I’ll be needing. Looking to get $17 for the 1600 and $42 for the 4000 Point cards. I will email pictures of the codes, unless you need the card shipped, in that case please include an extra dollar for shipping. I also have an Xbox 250GB Holiday Package and the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick and Game bundle that I bought for my brother to try to get him into fighting games. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time for it with his new job, so now I’m selling this stuff. Looking to get $250 shipped for the Xbox Bundle and $50 shipped for the Tekken stick. I take paypal and I can take Amazon payments, once I set it up.

EDIT All points cards have been sold, Xbox and Tekken stick still around.