WTS: Xbox 360 120gb elite console mint - SOLD


I’m selling my Xbox 360 elite 120gb console. It’s in mint working condition.
just upgraded to a slim so no need for this.
manufacture date is 2009-12-25. it was the last batch before they released the slim
it has the jasper motherboard so it’s known to be RROD proof.

the only problem with this console is that you can’t watch netflix via HDMI. there’s sound but no video and says “secure HDCP link not found”. the workaround this problem is to use component or composite cables. watching dvds and other videos work fine with HDMI. other than that, console works superb.

includes wireless controller, composite cable, power adapter.

[S]Asking $120 shipped, will accept paypal only. No trades atm sorry[/S].

******SOLD locally. Thanks SRK.

price drop.

another price drop. now only $120 shipped!!