WTS: Xbox 360 Arcade Stick (SF4 Collector's Edition) Modded with Sanwa buttons

I have for sale Street Fighter 4 Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick.

For the Xbox 360
The stick is modded with Sanwa buttons (Dark Purple buttons).

I replaced the top and bottom three buttons only.

The buttons feel great

Asking for $50 firm

text or call me if you are interested
(562) 277-2727

do u have any pics.

That is the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick?.
If you can picture that with Violet Sanwa Buttons, then that is it.

Unless you are asking pictures for more detailed stuff.
Like scratches or other possible damages.

50 for a TE? you sure?
If so that’s a crazy good deal.

No, the non-Tournament Edition.
Akagi did say “Collector’s Edition” after all.
And that is the word that is on box that is not Tournament Edition.

If it was the TE, I would have typed Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? Tournament Edition.

Is this still up for sale and if so, have you fixed the washer problem common with the joystick on these SE’s?