WTS: Xbox 360 custom arcade stick


This is a poplar wood box built by a local builder here in Phoenix. It contains a Hori EX2 Xbox 360 board and uses the following components:

-Sanwa JLW stick with bat top, square gate
-Seimitsu transparent buttons for the 6 main buttons
-HAPP concave buttons for the top two of the 8
-HAPP Convex buttons for Start/Xbox/etc
-Hori EX2 board guts

It’s got a few scratches around some of the holes where they had to be widened to fit the Seimitsu buttons, but they are totally stable and work great. There is a headset jack on the box that takes the old style Xbox headset jack.

This is going to be $100 shipped to the continental US. PM me or shoot me an email (rpsands AT gmail DOT com) if you are interested. 80 bucks if you come pick it up in Phoenix.


Drop me an offer if you’re interested, might be some wiggle room :slight_smile: