WTS Xbox 360 Custom Sanwa Arcade Stick

Starting price:$130

Custom stick originally built by koi.I have 2 dual system sticks atm and haven’t been using this as much as I originally thought.

Joystick:Sanwa JLW with circular gate
Buttons:All sanwa
Back,Start and Home buttons all on the Right side of the box
PCB:Official Wired Xbox 360 controller hacked

Condition:The box,buttons and stick are all still in good condition.The only issue I did notice is that there is some minor tearing in the artwork near the button layout which is only noticeable when you press the buttons hard.My only guess is that this happened when my friends were using it since they are a bit rough when it comes to how hard they press the buttons.

Usage:I probably used it for about a couple weeks worth of gameplay altogether.

I’ll give it a couple of weeks to see how it goes before I place it on ebay.Thanks for looking.

Starting price? or actual price?
anyways, that stick look nice, and for that price = good deal :tup:
good luck.

Actual price.

Stick sold and currently under process.

Please close this thread.

Off beat question, who was/is the source or artist for that artwork. A nice essence of SF in it, not typical pinup doujin type.