Wts: Xbox 360 games +Wii Games

Red Dead Redemption - $38 Shipped - Mint Condition No scratches or damage to discs or manual at all - SOLD!!!

Lost Odyssey - $20 Shipped - Mint Condition No Scratches or damage to discs or manual at all

Saints Row 1 - $8 Shipped Few light scratches. Works perfect

Fallout 3 - $9 Shipped No booklet. Game has few light scratches. Works perfect - SOLD!!!


Mario Kart Wii in original box with wheel and manual. Been played maybe 3-4 times. Mint condition. $40 Shipped

Wii Sports Resort with Wii Motion and manuals. Played only 2wice. Mint condition. $35 Shipped

USA only

I live in Miami



Oh man, I really want to get my hands on Lost Odyssey. I’ll shoot you a PM shortly natural_ice. :tup:

EDIT: Scratch that, I can’t afford the game at the moment. :sad:

Good luck on your sales regardless man!

^ Thanks. If it doesn’t sell I’ll let you know in the coming days/weeks if you’re still interested and have the cash then. Thx again!

Added Fallout 3

BUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!! lowered prices and added stuff

Price for Wii Sports Resort?

Sorry bout that. Forgot to post prices. Just did so.