WTS: Xbox 360 Hori Stick + games

Hey guys, I’m trying to save up for a PS3 and since I no longer have access to a 360, I might as well sell what I have and put them towards something that would go great with my new place, and start a collection of Blu Ray movies now that the format war is over. Here is what I’m selling:

-Hori arcade stick (the standard one, not the one with the DOA art on it) - $55

-Virtua Fighter 5 Online - $35

-Devil May Cry 4 (standard) - $40

-Culdcept Saga - $25

-Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - $15

All products are in great condition, each with instruction manuals. I kept the packaging for the Hori stick…the box got a bit dirty, but I cleaned it as best as I could.

Prices include shipping within Canada (via Canada Post). I prefer to ship within Canada, but I am willing to ship to the US (shipping will most likely cost more). I will accept payment through Paypal only.