WTS: Xbox 360 Madcatz Fightstick SE


I’m gonna do this Ebay style.

I’ll start the bidding at retail price of $80.

Ready, Go.


Actually scratch this guys, sorry. I’m just gonna post this on ebay because they are going for like 150 on there. So bid on there if you want it! If you really want to make a bid on it just pm me and i’ll give you the link to the website.


Read the rules.

You can’t do eBay style and you can’t even sell on the trading outlet period.


Read the rules, pal


waits for the epic mod hammer to descend


Dude should go on the wall of shame for wasting everybody’s time who looked at this thread, first he did not read the selling rules then posted only to do his research later which you should have done first.
Research your shit first find the price you want then READ selling rules then post it’s not that hard.


He didn’t even do the research, he still said we could go ahead and bid in here.


Lol…“Ready. Go.”


lol at no link to auction either