WTS-Xbox 360 MVC2 TE Edition Stick also SF SE Stick(xbox 360) for 50

Hello i have a slightly used xbox 360 mvc2 stick for sale for around 140 plus shipping. In all honestly i played with it for 2 weeks last year around april before my xbox broke on me and its been in the box every since. another time is when i wanted to play third strike on computer couple days before it came out on the psn. Since i have no use for it anymore just trying to sell to free up room for my family. if u want any pictures and negotiate the price just pm me. Also i have a street fighter SE for xbox 360 with 6 sanwa buttons and joystick for 50 dollars plus shipping if anyones interested

thanks for reading

dunno wut goin on with pics but u have to open in new tab i guess to work…

the SE stick and 6 buttons are sanwa the other 2 madcatz lemme only problem is the wires show on cord near the arcade stick and it need screws for bottom plate but i can replace the screws

You needs pic to get serious interest man. Just letting you know.

hey thanks im on it right now

Lowest you’ll go on the TE?

hey sorry man the te is already sold but the se thats equiped with all sanwa just let me know

Hey you should let me know if you still have that SE.

which stick with the SE? sanwa?