WTS: XBOX 360 SE Stick Modded $80


WTS: XBOX 360 SE Stick Modded with Seimitsu LS 32-01 Black and 6 black Sanwa Buttons and 2 Grey Sanway Buttons not the stock ones $80 Mint condition…have TE dont need it and tired of it sitting around.






I’m personally not interested, but some pics might be helpful in getting a buyer. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the sale, though.


80 bucks is a steal for an SE modded with seimitsu and sanwa parts. You’ll sell this in no time!


i hope so, been sitting on it for a minute


any pics? yet


Well, its an SE with black buttons, not really much to see, unless its to verify the condition, I guess.


Well, it’s just a general thing, really. People like to get a visual of what they’re paying for.

You wouldn’t pay for a hooker if you never saw her before, would you? :rofl:


how much is shipping to toronto, canada?
and pics would definately be nice =]


Not to be a dick , but that comparison is hardly accurate. An SE with sanwa buttons. Hmm , I have not seen “this” SE , but SE’s are pretty much the same.

Hookers my friend are not.


Not to be a dick, but I was screwing around. lol.




With me or the hooker, cause I’m telling you, you’ll have no luck with me. :lol:


Pics Added


So is a modded SE as good as a TE? I’m shopping around for a stick.


Pretty much, only real difference is the size.


Even the Stick itself? I know the sanwa buttons are better, but what about the stick?


Does that price include shipping ?
Do you ship to canada ?


Stick is just fine as far as I know. The biggest problem with the SE was the buttons. Once those are modded out it’s just as good as a TE, really. Unless you want an overall bigger case


But it has a Semeitsu stick installed, so it should all be good.


Hmmm… Pm’d