WTS: Xbox 360 Slim Bundle (Flashed LT 2.0) PM


Hello,Selling an Barley Used Flashed 2.0 Xbox 360 4GB Slim (Matt) Console Bundle.

Bundle Includes:

  • XBox 360 Slim 4GB Console (Matt) Original Box and Manuals Included.
  • Power Adaptor
  • 250 GB HDD
  • 2 Black Xbox Controllers
  • Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Xbox Live Head Set
  • Xbox 360 Black Chat Pad
  • Spare Xbox 360 Drive (Also Flashed with LT 2.0)
  • HDMI Cables

This Xbox has been sent to get flashed with LT 2.0. (Has been open so Warranty is gone.) Not Banned still able to go Online on Live. I barley play on it since I play more on my PS3. Asking Price $200 Shipped. Only Shipping in the U.S and Only accepting Paypal Payments. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Willing to let it go for $300 Shipped if anyone will get it off my Hands by Today or Tomorrow.


I’d be interested but ain’t got the dough just yet. I’ve been trying to sell some stuff for a while but it seems impossible to sell stuff on srk nowadays. I’ve got a TE pro cross for 360, a collectible and rare gijoe transformer and some other stuff but no one is biting. I guess every one will only buy something if the price is $free.99


What are the chances of getting banned?

And well yeah with all crazy sales on fightsticks, most people who wanted a first probably picked one up already. Or people who just want them for cheap since they were on sale for $100 only. Can’t comment on other stuff


I seen people here sell Flashed PSP’s with no problem and other stuff. But why would you know since you just join up on March 2012…:bluu:


I meant the chances of the xbox getting banned. =/


Well obviously the only reason people come to this section is cause they tring to get things for less. Say if a tourny edition stick is 150$ and here its 90 sold. This guy is selling the 360 for 350 too much for the street price. 250$ would sell it like that. But yeah everyones cheap scape.


How much just for the console and power brick?


See what I mean ^


Geez yorkey, I wouldn’t say I’m a cheap scape. I’m being very clear and straight forward. I just need the console only. I don’t need anything else. That’s why I asked for the console only, not because of the price being too expensive. I actually mentioned something similar a few posts up top…


for the people saying the chances of getting banned is this, anyone can get banned at any time for no reason there are some ban waves in the holiday season if not a few months after the holidays , but most likely if you burn the games correctly you shouldnt have a problem but no things have changed you need to put the topology data on the disk and have an iHas burner so the game fully burn correctly you can still burn it but the full protection will not be on the disk i know this cause ive been banned once for not verifying MW2 when it cames out


Opps my bad…

With 250GB HDD $250 Shipped, I’ll also ship the extra drive because I really don’t need it lying around here collecting dust. Once the LT-3.0 stuff started to roll out (Mind you at that time I just got it back from it being flashed to LT 2.0) I said fuck it. I really don’t know anything about flashing and I didn’t want to spend another $50 to get it sent in again and flashed. I think it only failed to load 2 games that was 3.0 but after that I’ve just been using it as an AT&T cable receiver.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t updating the dashboard re-flash the console to stock? So basically, it can play whatever back library of games, but you won’t be able to play online and newer game discs have the updates packed on them and won’t let you play without updating. My previously flashed drives had this happen and I’m pretty sure I had a higher version of LT+ than 2.0. The good new is, though, the chances of getting banned are incredibly low, it was only if you played games before release date or played bad copies without matching hashes.


Thats why you need to burn the games right with the topology data to play those games like Batman Arkham city,Skyrim,MGSHD.and MW3


But those games will force a dashboard update higher than LT+2.0 will support, so you can’t even play backups of those games you mentioned if you wanted to.


i think you mean Title update not Dash Update


I’m pretty sure I mean Dash Update, but there’s always a chance I may be wrong. Checking some of my old sources, we are currently up to LT+ 3.0, but I haven’t been keeping up since these dash updates have made it too much of a hassle.

Anyway, I’m going to excuse myself from this thread. Whoever is looking to buy it should do their research.


OHHHH DANFFFFGGGG muhhhh bad i didnt have my glasses on i read it now 2.0 but yeah if we were talking bout 3.0 it wouldv been different


FYI - You aren’t supposed to be listing modded consoles in this forum.


FYI - I’ve seen other threads here selling Modded stuff with no problem. If I wanted to I could have been a dick about it and not said it was flashed with the LT 2.0 and just sold it as is since you can still play original games on them with no problem. The only issue your gonna have with the console is the new burned games that come out. Just offering Console not games.

Selling a modded PSP.

Selling a Nintendo DS Game Backup loader which does more than back up games by the way.

Another Modded PSP.

and I’ve seen more around also.