WTS: Xbox 360 Slim, TE, and Hauppauge HD PVR

I have a like new still in box Xbox 360 Slim (4gb version) with a seperate 250gb hard drive, a copy of ss4, umvc3, sfxt, and ninja gaiden 2.

I also have a Madcatz TE, it’s the original red sf4 one. I switched the white side panels out for black ones, put a white bezel on it, and have black sanwa buttons in with 2 plugs inserted. Buttons can be switched back to white if wanted. Stick itself is in great condition cosmetic wise and performance wise, haven’t used it too much.

Lastly I have a Hauppauge HD PVR that I plugged in one time since I’ve had it and it worked, just never found time to use it.

I’d like to move this as one lot for $420 shipped if possible. It’s a good starter kit if you wanna get into recording footage. If nobody is interested in the whole lot I will price things seperately. I will post pictures tomorrow, but until then if you have any questions or interest please pm me or post here. Thanks for looking

Damn, accidentally posted in the wrong area. Mods can you please delete this, I will repost in trading outlet. Thanks

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Sorry for the late response and for still not getting pics up on here, but I’ve been busy with work lately. I’d like to hold off on this thread as of now since I don’t have the time to layout pics. I will bump thread once I have more time to deal with this stuff . I will not break up the stick and system as of now, thanks.