WTS: XBOX 360 SSF4 TE (white) Fight Stick and XBOX 360 SSF4 game

I’m selling my XBOX 360 SSF4 game and SSF4 TE stick… $125 Free U.S. basic shipping.

let me know. comes with original box and lame guide that came out with game.

sent you a pm

sry i’ve been super busy with work and family… just took this pic 5 minutes ago.


great condition… great deal. hit me up.

bump still available.

Still available? Any chance you Trade for ps3 stick? :smiley:

Can you knock off the price if we don’t want the game/guide?

pm sent…is this still available?

The original post was made in 2010 and the user hasn’t been on since April 2011. I do believe a mod should close this thread.