WTS: Xbox 360 StreetFighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition, Modded DOA EX2 (SANWA)

Pretty much brand new Streetfighter IV Tournament Edition Stick. Comes with original box and everything else you would get. I just opened and tested it to make sure it worked and everything is flawless. I don’t really know how much these are going for nowadays but, so far, the place I’ve looked are sold out and amazon has 'em for $225 so I’m putting it at $205 shipped in the US.


**$160 Shipped ** Everything is in working order.

Willing to take some trades to lower the price looking for:

PAYPAL (takes priority over anyone else!)
RE5 for 360
1/8 scale pvc figures
MP3 players, preferable the latest gen. (I already have offers for previous gens.)

Xbox 360 Games

Gears of War - $15


Anime- ALL dvds are Region 1 and in mint no scratch condition.-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cowboy Bebop The Movie - 10 shipped
Iria 3 Disc Set - 30 shipped
NOIR DVD 1-7 Complete - 55 shipped
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Complete - 30 shipped
Cowboy Bebop Manga (5 Books) complete set - 28 shipped

4gb Sandisk Pro Duo Ultra - 30 Shipped
PSP Logitech Carrying Case (used) - 15 shipped

All prices are SHIPPED in the USA only.

what sanwa parts r in the ex2?

JLF stick with the OBSF snap ins.

you want a pink nano 4 gb 2nd gen for it

sorry, needing a 30-120 gb.

Virtua Fighter 5, Ninja Gaiden II, Streetfighter 4 SOLD

30gb ipod video?

I would like to try to sell before going to trades. I’ll think about it though.

How about the ipod and some change? Needing a stick badly.

price drop, all pms replied to.

i must say…$160 is a pretty damn good deal… EX2’s are a bitch! to mod.

It’s a great stick but, I recently bought another one so I don’t have a use for 2. I don’t mind keeping it though, if no one is interested.

I’m also taking trades for PVC figures or RE5 for 360 with some cash.

Interested in the stick but $160 is too high to get by on my wife :stuck_out_tongue: especially with a SCIV ex2 just sitting around.

Let me know if you got stuff to trade and maybe we can work something out.

stick is pending to mothugs and I added a few things.

Great stuff as always thanks, man.

Never received payment for stick so I’m guessing it’s still up for grabs. Price reduction on some things as well.

bump, added TE Stick.

man if i could sell my ps3 te stick i would gett that 360 stickk soooo fast

I’m instreasted in that TE stick. I have RE5 brand new factory sealed that I can let go. I have a couple of PVC figures too, but I dont want to part with those :x