WTS Xbox 360 TE RD1/TVCWII stick/T6 wireless 360 stick


like the title says, trying to clean my room out and dont really need these other sticks i dont use


1x TVC wii fight stick only thing done to this one was the push buttons were replaced with real sanwa push buttons and used the stock madcatz button casing for stock apperance-40$ plus shipping

1x t6 sold
im only shipping within the us


I have just sent you one personal message.


pm sent back


bump price drop on the tvc stick 30$+ shipping and will go 80$+shipping on the te
pending sale on the wireless t6 stick



bump for price drop 70$+shipping will come with your choice of a te’s box or original sf4 te box


Sorry if this is a noob question, but is the stick you have on the X360 R1 the same as the stock (except for the ball and the buttons)? I noticed you mentioned you mentioned you swapped the gate…


Pm sent regarding TE stick and Tekken stick


pm sent back @jelloman581
pm sent back @santosh


Forgot to post yesterday, payment sent for the TE stick + Tekken stick.


bump op updated.tvc still for sale and price drop 30$+shipping.


how much use on the TvC joystick?