WTS Xbox 360 Viking macro controller

Xbox 360 Viking macro https://imgur.com/gallery/gcCqA


This is my Xbox 360 Viking macro controller. This particular controller has only been used 1 time for about 1 hr of play. This was a new replacement, when I purchased my first macro controller it was bugging out so Odin (owner and operator @ vikingdigital.com) sent me this brand new replacement. I ended up fixing the first controller that was bugging out and put this controller away in storage. This controller is in prestige condition and you can not find these controllers anymore not to mention a brand new almost never used one. This controller does have one issue very minor. One of the tactical switches in the back sticks due to improper placement. I never opened it up to fix it due to not wanting to void the warranty. Now that the warranty has well expired I can fix this issue by simply re hot gluing the tact switch so it doesent stick when depressed or I can leave it as is depending on buyers request.

These controllers retailed @ 300$ brand new back in the day and still today hard core used ones sell around 350$ online. I’m asking for a firm 300$ for this controller. It has all original packaging and boxing and even has the CD disk for the Viking software. It comes with a brand new rechargible battery pack “though Duracell AA’s are strongly recommended for use” and recharging cord which is used to program the controller. This was and still is the ultimate xbox360 controller. I won’t get in to much detail about it but with this controller u can even record and playback inputs on this controller. It has rainbow leds’ that can be programmed to do about any led duty cycles you can come up with and of course u can make any mods u want for just about any game.

I’ve been modding controllers for over 10 years and I’m well respected in the modding community. If u know Viking, acidmods and cronusmax, I’ve been modding in these companies for a very long time and everyone in those communities know who WHITE 4ND N3RDY is. With that said I’m more than qualified to fix this tact switch on the back for anyone wanting to purchase this controller. I hate to part with it but it’s time I start to unload some of my stuff. Hopefully this can find a home for someone who will respect it and love it. I know people here hate modded controllers but there are still some people here I feel will appreciate this controller.

300$ buyer pays shipping.

I’m highly interested but gonna be a minute to get the bucks, next week possibly.