WTS: Xbox 360 & Vita games, etc


Prices are shipped. Accepting Paypal (gift or add fees). Ships from IL, USA within 24 hours via USPS first class.


Vanquish (360)
Not pictured. Complete. Good / very good condition.
$18 shipped

Ridge Racer (Vita)
Game is in perfect condition. Case in good condition.
$18 shipped

Gravity Rush (Vita)
Brand new condition all around.
$18 shipped

8GB Vita Memory card + Lego Movie Game Code (Vita)
Brand new taken from bundle.
$18 shipped.


Ps3 added


Prices dropped


Ps3 sold


Added sealed Atrox for trade.


parts added!


Price drop. Still looking for a jLF dust washer


I think I have a smoke dust washer, but it’s one of the larger ones. I’ll double check when I get home.


I have the jlf black dust washer but only have 1extra though… I know Freesway responded 1st but its your call .


I just need 1. For shaft cover right?


Dropped to $18 without smoke balltop


PM sent.


I have it ready to go but mdsfx isn’t responding


Sorry. Not looking to trade, just want to sell/buy.


So you have your dust washer that your looking for. Cool


No, it’s just that I didn’t want to trade since I would be without one while waiting for another to arrive on the mail.


Now looking for 360 te2


Madatz USFIV TE2happened to see this if it may interest you =)


Thanks. I had already talked to him, but he’s looking for at least retail since they are sold out currently


oh ok… hope you find one though =)