WTS: Xbox 360 Wireless "N" Adapter ....the black one


Selling one xbox 360 wireless N adapter. Thing was used for 3 weeks then I rewired the house and now have no need for it. Comes with the adapter and the drivers disc. Remember this is the black adapter with 2 antenna, thing works great I just don’t need it. I prefer having my things wired so I can change setting and what not on the fly through the netbook if need be. That was maybe too much info… anyway $65.00 Shipped in the US.

Edit: I know the pics are not working, will repost when I get home tonight.


interested, will get back to you later, im at work

edit: pics would also be nice when u get the chance




Seriously bro, I need to try one of these out and you are trying to sell it to someone else in the country. How about doing in interest check with your friends first, sheesh. I have free wireless where I live, but I don’t think the signal isn’t the strongest thing in the world. Bring it next Friday and let me at least try it out. If it works, I’ll take it, if it doesn’t, I’ll get you some subway or something for the effort.


toi yet if you have an xbox we need to play mvc soon


Ya damned right we do Nash. Hopefully my good pal here will come through and I’ll be able to mooch my free wireless into free wireless for the 360. Then I’ll be golden!