WTS: Xbox 360 with TE stick, SSFIV, SFIV, HDR, SF skin, wall scroll and extras

I have for sale 1 xbox 360 barely used with box. It comes with:
downloaded HDR, SF world warrior, Garou Mark of the Wolves, SFIV (no disc, play off of HDD), SSFIV, SSFIV xbox marketplace skin

It also comes with two controllers (one with plug and play), Tiger woods 10, Beowulf, Mirror’s Edge, Gears 2, NHL 09, MWF2, two microphones, all necessary cables including HDMI, also never RROD’d or sent back for repairs, SFIV xbox skin with extra faceplate, and 1 TE stick

TE stick has original box and comes with octo/square gates and I can not find the original ball top because I lost it putting on the bat top, but it comes with the parts needed if you want to replace with a ball top. TE came in a package deal with a wall scroll which will be included in the sale. The microphone parts that came in box were already missing the adapter so I won’t even bother putting that in there. I will also be including my SSFIV super thumb wrestlers (Geif, ELF) in the package in exchange for the keychain I traded for the thumb wrestlers.

I need to sell all of this all together so I’m sorry I can piece it out. I live 20 minutes from the Fort Wayne area (260) and can arrange a pickup since shipping will be quite a bit. My total asking cost for all of this is 300$. It’s a great way to start out if your looking to get into the street fighter scene!! I’ll use the priority flat rate shipping and hopefully get this all into two boxes so the total shouldn’t be more than 30$

I need to borrow my workplace’s camera to take pictures and should have them up by tomorrow.

Three games: Dead rising, L4D2, and Dark Sector
Extension cable for TE usb cable
and of course pictures. Sorry about only being able to link to them.

Did you post a price? I don’t see one, and you need to post one.

Total asking cost is $300.

Bumping for extras. Any questions feel free to ask and I will promptly answer to the best of my abilities/schedule.

Playing SFIV of the HDD? is the console modded?

I think he means that the game is "installed’ to the hard drive, and the system does a disc check but runs/loads everything from the hard drive. Microsoft added this to help the drives in their systems from breaking early due to excessive use.

I hope… also the box for SSF4 is in the bottom of the stack of 360 games…

lol no, it is not modded. You can buy it straight off games on demand on the xbox live marketplace.

You 100% sure it has to all be sold together? Wanted to take a snipe price at that TE stick. :frowning:

That wouldn’t be too bad honestly. Give it a few days and I can give you a definite answer. I wanted to try and sell it all as a Street Fighter “Starter” package, but I just didn’t want people piecing out like the games and controllers. The stick alone wouldn’t be too bad.

How much?

I’m also interested in just the TE stick alone, if you happen to sell the items separately let me know. Thanks.

Ok. . It seems like there are not too many people interested in the xbox. I would sell the wall scroll for $15 and the TE for $80.

What is your shipping rate, I’m interested in all of it.

Excellent. I will weigh everything soon and tell you exactly. Expect an answer tomorrow!

Sounds good.

If you can ship international and quote a price for the delivery of the lot, I’m interested too.


Ok. I get off work at 3pm EST on Monday July 25th. I’m going straight to the post office to see what the shipping will be after work. Expect a reply by 4pm EST.

how much yoo want for just the xbox?

Sorry I’m dragging my feet on this, just been working a lot lately. I’m definitely getting it priced for shipping tomorrow. Rain or shine

I’m interested in just SSF4 let me know!