WTS: Xbox / PS2 / DC games, and guides

Paypal or USPS Money Orders accepted. US Buyers Only
Open to offers and can provide additional pics if needed.

PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3: SOLD
New PS3 3rd Party Dual Charging Station for controllers - $14 shipped
New Sony PS3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control - $18 shipped

-Games- (All games are in mint condition)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - $28 shipped
The King of Fighters Neowave (Brand New) - $18 shipped
The King of Fighters 2002/2003 - $18 shipped

Guilty Gear X2 - $25 Shipped
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - $22 Shipped

GBA & Dreamcast:
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Gameboy Advance - $26 shipped
Skies of Arcadia - $25 Shipped
Grandia II w/ OST - $20 Shipped
Phantasy Star Online Version 2 w/ Versus Strategy Guide - $30 Shipped
King of Fighters Evolution - $15 shipped

Guide Books:
Chrono Trigger Nintendo Players Guide - $45 shipped
Tekken 5 Arcadia Mook - $30 shipped
Street Fighter 3: New Generation Gamefan Guide - $17 shipped
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Guide - $11 Shipped
Dino Crisis Guide - $8 shipped
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Limited Edition Guide - $24 Shipped

Transformers Generation 1 Season 1 DVD Set - $37 shipped

If I had the money I would take that Tekken stick of your hands, What the reason for selling?

Really no need for them. I guess you could say they were back up sticks, incase my MAS broke.

why only US buyers?

The T5 stick is pretty awesome because it’s a good box that’s not too difficult to mod. Buy a converter and you’re good to go with this setup.

PM’s answered!

Makes things alot easier.

i also generally only do US buyers unless items are $12 worth or under. this is because there is no way of tracking a package from US to Canada unless you spent like 50 dollars+ and use Express mail.

I have had stick ship to me tracked with no issues for way less than $50

anyways, is it still available?


from US to Canada? what form of shipment? USPS wont do it.

US postal…

people always think USPS won’t track, etc… but it’s not true… i had so much stuff sent via USPS

anyways… is the stick still for sale? (T5)


Hi, would you re-think the US only part, If so i could be interested in the FS3 (in the UK).

they dont track to canada. you fill a form to send to canada but there is no tracker. go ahead and ask usps. i would know i was an ebay powerseller for a long time and specifically chose the option so canadians couldnt bid on my items for that reason.

You can try putting the Customs Form number in to the Track & Confirm application at usps.com. You will not get any tracking information, but you may see when it was actually shipped, or handed over to USPS.

Ups does have tracking from US to canada but it can be inconsistent. i’ve had packages come back to me because of customs even with tracking.

Man, now you guys have me interested in this international shipping discussion. One reason I won’t do it is because customs like to screw stuff up from time to time. Plus, shipping seems hella expensive for international buyers. It feels like I’m robbing them on just that alone.

I’m always open to suggestions? Someone enlighten me!

I ship from Canada to USA all the time so the same concept may apply to shipping from USA to Canada.

The way I ship, if the package does not weigh a lot such as a (Small package shipment) then the package will NOT come with a tracking number UNLESS tracking is paid for on top of the shipping. The cost to add tracking often comes out to almost the cost of shipping itself, nearly doubling the cost of shipping in the end.

However, if a package weighs enough (Ie: Joystick or a full set of Kuroda DVD’s) than the shipment automatically comes with tracking at no additional cost.

So to the OP, you might want to call your Post Office and find out if your package comes with tracking if shipped internationally. They’ll probably ask for the weight and specifications so as long as you know those two factors, you could get a definite answer.

Also, the cost of insuring a package is definitely worth it. It’s usually a measly $1.00 or so and this dollar will insure your package up to $100.00 (This is Canada Post’s limit, USPS may be different) I had a customer in Ireland not receive his package within the usual estimated time of arrival and since I insured his package, I will be able to be reimbursed for the value of the shipment + the cost of shipping and be able to pass this on to the buyer.

The cost to ship to Canada VS USA is not too much of a price increase to be honest. Canadian customs is actually pretty lenient and the whole customs process can be speedened up if the package is marked as a “gift”.

Hope this was helpful.

Hmm when I’ve shipped to Canada, there was delivery confirmation with more expensive shipping(about twice as much as without it). So there’s no tracking, it will only say if it’s been delivered yet. Last time I shipped to Canada was about 6 months ago, so it’s possible that there’s a new service?(I doubt it though)

Sent you a PM.

Tekken 5 Hori stick has been sold. Hori Fighting Pro 3 is still available.

Added a couple games and guides. Shoot me a PM if interested!

Hey, how much shipped for your FS3 to Canada (T6R 3S5)? Sorry, I can’t PM you since I just joined :frowning:

To Alberta, $35 priority or $50 express with tracking.