WTS:XBOX360 Component Cable, DOA Hori for parts+More!

Blazblue CT LE Disk- I sold the game a while back, but I still have the 3 bonus DVD’s that came with it. Case and DVD’s are in mint condition.Letting it go for $9 shipped.
Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2-Game is in great condition, only a few light scratches on disc.$19 shipped.
DOA Edition Hori EX2- Bought this stick a lot time ago and hasn’t seen use since I bought my TE over 2 years ago. Case is in good shape and the PCB is still functioning however the USB cable is stripped at the base. Still functions, but it would be wise to replace it. The little cheap guide button cover came off, but the button still functions and I will send the cover if you want to glue it back in place. Stick is in good shape however the buttons are worn after years of use. If one were to do a full sanwa mod and replace the USB cable, this stick would be awesome however I don’t have the time or skill to make that happen so hopefully one of you could make that happen and put this stick to use. Asking for $26 shipped. Will post pics when I get the chance. Also I still have the original box so if you want that just let me know before I ship it.
Paypal and US continental only.
Link for EX pics.
Hori stick pictures by pplcallmeGOD - Photobucket

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Do you still have that Hori, I don’t care about the stick or buttons as long as the case and PCB is good.

Also if you can send me a Pic of the stick, that would be great.

PM sent.

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hey i’ll take that wireless pad if it’s still available. pm me ur info. thx!

Controller sold to poon.

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