WTS: XBOX360/PC Sanwa Modded Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Arcade Stick


This stick is in very good condition and was used by me at home only. I replaced the original Wii PCB with an XBOX 360 PCB to use this on my PC. I kept the Wii buttons in the control panel so it all looks clean and great, but you can still see the xbox glow ring area for the controller position. The only thing missing is the headphone port (wii sticks don’t have those).

The 4 red buttons are sanwa OSBF model buttons. The 4 white buttons are the original TvC stick buttons but I replaced the switches with sanwa microswitches. ALL BUTTONS HAVE SANWA SWITCHES.

The joystick is a sanwa JLF with a square gate. The ball top is a white mesh ball.

$50+ shipping is what I want for this stick.
I only accept verified and confirmed PayPal payments. Shipping will be from 44125 if you want to estimate the shipping (USPS only). I’ll get you a final shipping price once I know the packaging size and weight.

Video of TvC stick functioning as a 360/PC stick


Dropped the price (and bass).


Nevermind, thought it waa dual modded at first glance


Got pics of the innards?


No, I don’t have pictures of the innards.


I’d be more inclined to buy if I can see the work done.


It looks exactly the same as a normal SE inside except for the JLF and sanwa switches.


Dropping price to $50 + shipping.


Interested in the WII PCB, would you be willing to sell that?

Also do you still have the original wires?

Don’t really care about the colored wires that run from the terminal block to the buttons,

**but if you had the grey ones that run from the terminal block to the pcb…

and if they still had the 5-pin connectors on them that would be awesome!!!

and and double awesomes if you still had the WII controller wire!!!**

**** Taken from FrakkinToaster’s “Wiring guide for Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Fightstick PCB?” thread ****

Just let me know.

Shipping would be to 94105.


Sorry, but the original PCB is long gone.
It now has a TE 360 PCB in its place.

Still for sale.


You guys all know it would cost you this much just to get the buttons and JLF for a stick. Buy it!


I added new pictures of the inside and put up a video showing how it functions as a 360/PC stick.


PM incoming.


Transaction Pending. Please leave this open for feedback.


This stick has been sold. Please leave open for feedback.


Got the stick today. Pleasure doing business with you!