WTS: Xbox360 SDCC '09 TE Fightsticks

I have two (2) Xbox360 Comic-con fight sticks for sale $300 + shipping (will also do pick up). There was only 250 of these sticks made for each system and only sold at San Diego Comic-Con, they have a white body with new art and orange and yellow buttons with an orange ball top. Just like the retail TE sticks these are all Sanwa parts.

If you are interested or would like pictures send me a PM, both sticks are new in box.

P.S.: If you’d like to pick the stick up I am located in Mountain View California if you are a reasonable distance I will drive it to you, otherwise we can work something out if you are local.

Good luck selling them. Without the hadouken washer, it is not worth 300 bucks.


lol a dust washer may cost them a dollar to make though it does look nice

MarkMan confirmed over at NeoGaf that the hadouken arrow dust washer was just a prototype.

Wow, you’re selling TWO sticks for $300! What a deal, LOL.