WTS: XBX360 SE full sanwa, buttons, balls, bezels, and more!

Hi! Got a few things to sell! I have bought, sold, and traded on SRK several times, and meet all requirements to post in the trading outlet. Pictures for anything on my list can be sent via e-mail upon request. All items priced with shipping to the 48 states. If multiple items are purchase than the shipping costs are bundled! Here is the list!


1- 45mm Sanwa Black balltop with adaptor ($5 shipped)

2- Red Madcatz TE Bezels. Get both for $15 shipped or $10 shipped for one.

Misc. Stuff that I have no need for!!

1-Nintendo themed Monopoly game. I believe all the parts are there. $40 shipped.

Apparently, this game is super rare. This is the one I have.


2- DJ hero turntable controllers! In great shape, only used a few times! $25 for both shipped!

1- Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Player’s guide. In great condition! $10 shipped!

I also have a lot of gaming posters I’m trying to get rid of. Ranging from nearly all genres, have several Mortal Kombat poster’s to sell, Portal 2, COD black ops, and many others! No street fighter, super mario, or common games, think more like RAGE, Brink, Tiger wood’s golf, Thor’s video game, and other Various gamestop posters. PM for more details on posters!

Again, pics are available via e-mail upon requests! Please PM me if you are interested in anything at all! Not considering trades atm, Paypal only!!

will the se360 works with mame? ,i’m looking for small form factor stick for using with pc and x360 also , thanks!


any chance you would ship to Canada?

SE sold to manatworks.

couple price drops.

Omron Switches sold plus bump!

You should make a bundle. It may be better to sell it dude.

I mentioned in the OP that I would bundle several items shipping together. But I guess I could bundle all the sanwa parts ( 18 Buttons and 4 balltops) together for 55 dollars shipped.

Nothing sold yet?

Price drop on Sanwa parts bundle. $50 Shipped!

Lots of stuff still available!

A couple things sold, and a couple price drops.

4-Sanwa 30 mm White buttons

2- Sanwa 30 mm Dark-Hai buttons

2- Sanwa 30mm Black buttons

1- Sanwa 24mm light blue button

1- Sanwa 30mm Light blue button

1- 45mm Sanwa Black balltop with adaptor

1- Black sanwa 35mm balltop

1- Light Blue Sanwa 35mm balltop

1- Tek innovations Black arrow pattern dust washer made to fit JLF with no shaft cover

Will sell all these remaining sanwa parts in a bundle together for $35 shipped.

Price drop on Sanwa parts bundle mentioned above. $30 shipped!!

Also taking offers on everything! Be reasonable though!

I’d like the TE keychain, do you still have it?

Yes, everything still listed, is still available! PM me for payment details and shipping arrangement!

Sold a lot of stuff, got a few things left I would love to get rid of. Taking offers on everything please PM me.