WTS: Xenogears PSX w/ strategy guide, Samurai Shodown soundtrack/voice collection

Heya all,

I've decided to part with Xenogears for PS1 (I replaced the original jewel case, and have the instruction manual) and its strategy guide. Both are in excellent condition. I also have the Samurai Shodown image album (which is actually the sound track of the game) and a voice collection cd (selected dialogue by the voice actors of the series). I'm also letting go of the 3 SNK character art books (SNK characters v1 and v2, SNK fighting games book from 1991- 2000). I've enjoyed SNK games for years and would love for these to go  to a fellow enthusiast :). PM me if you're interested. Otherwise they'll be on ebay in a week or so.

p.s.- I’ll put up photos soon.

post prices