WTS: Xim (360/PS3) XIM Keyboard and Mouse adapter, no lag with the right converter!

Got this not too long ago and it’s probably gonna take a while for me to get used to the keyboard and mouse so thought someone else who already uses them can take full advantage of this. From what I could tell there was no lag when using a good 360 converter that has 60fps such as the xconverter 360 or blazepro. I tried it on MW2 and it was great, just kept messing up the keys since kept forgetting. :sweat:

This also works for the ps3 with the right adapter as well. You can also use macros to have rapid fire and the like which is pretty amusing to say the least.

These sell for $90 on ebay so I thought I’d try $75 or best offer shipped in the USA. Accepting trades as well so let me know what you got.

I can add pics on request.

Sorry for being off topic here: Do you still have the vga cables for the 360? is it the official ones?

yea, I still got that.