WTS: Xtokki style PS2 to 360 adaptor and custom JLF goodie bag (jlf short throw actuator)


2 items for sale.

1: Black (copy/style) Xtokki PS2 to xbox 360 converter.
YOU DO NOT NEED A 360 WIRED CONTROLLER. Home button is on the converter as well as the headphone/mic jack. Looks exactly like the white Xtokki, but in BLACK. Brand new in packaging. $20 shipped

2: Mini goodie bag for Sanwa JLF sticks. (Comes with Seimitsu Spring, Stock Actuator, and Custom KOWAL short throw actuator) All for $10 shipped.

Just taking up space. PM me


PM for jlf goodie bag


that was fast. goodie bag SOLD. Will ship out tomorrow


converter sold. Everything sold…

WTB: JLF Short Throw Actuator

Received jlf goodie bag…awesome stuff man thanks again