WTS: Yoga book hyper, Arcana, SFAC, etc

Got some stuff I dont use much . . .

Yoga book hyper w/ INH dvds & bonus cd soundtrack. Book has some translation notes, everything else is complete & excellent condition. SOLD

Arcana heart U.S. ps2 - like new, $25

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection U.S. ps2 with brady games guide. disc is in generic case. $19 HOLD

GGXX Accent Core U.S. ps2 like new $19

Capcom Classics Collection like new $15

Pelican ps3 adapter NIB $60.

Confirmed paypal or money order only. Multiple items == free shipping in us, otherwise pay your choice of shipping. Knock off $5 if you trade me a copy of VF Kids for saturn :slight_smile:

PM sent.

Yoga book hyper sold, prices on games dropped

PM sent.