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(after getting no responses in the Image Mishmah, I’m posting this in trading outlet)



To create high quality, inexpensive, unique pieces of art for use on arcade sticks for those who do not have the software or the experience to do so themselves.


How many times have you seen anime/game characters on a stick? Wouldn’t you want something unique on your stick to make it stand out? Why not make your stick a piece of art? I want to create unique and high quality pieces of art for your sticks.

How is this going to be done?

Simple. I use my experience and skills in Photoshop to create art for your stick. I have a Macbook with Photoshop CS2 installed.


Either email me, PM me, or post in this thread to get into a slot. As of now there will be 3 slots. First come first serve, no holding.

Method 1
Once you are in a slot, you will be contacted. You will have to give me measurements of your stick so I know how big the art should be and you also need to let me know what types of colors you are interested in. Once you tell me what colors you want, I will create 3 unique downsized pieces of art for you and send them to you. You choose the one that you like, and I send you the full sized piece.

If you are unsatisfied with the 3 samples that I send you, I can send you 3 more samples, and if you don’t like the quality or style of art I make at all, you can back out of the deal. I am very friendly and patient so I have no problems with this, just don’t yank my leg.

There will be my logo at the bottom right of the piece I send you. I ask you to please leave this on to respect my art. It won’t be too big.

If you want me to put text anywhere on it, I will be more than happy to. I used to mark all my works with a line of poetry and I think its classy.

Method 2

Tell me what you want, give me the images/logo and I’ll make it for you. I’ll try my best!


All art will be done at 300 DPI, which is more than enough for printing at high quality. The pieces will al be in CMYK which is standard for printers. The images will be huge in size so I recommend that you use a Gmail account for space reasons. If you want me to do one at a higher DPI or make the measurements larger then let me know.

Once you get the piece, all you have to do is go to a local printing shop and print it out.

All pieces will be unique for Method 1, unless you want me to to do Method 2. You can send me a tutorial and I’ll go ahead and do it for you to the best of my ability. Or if you want me to replicate one of my pieces again, I’m sure I’ll be able to do that.


$10 for one piece.
$17 for two pieces.
$25 for three pieces.

Paypal only please.

*If you want me to use an image from the web, I cannot guarantee the quality of the piece.

Examples of my work:




See ACA 06/07 Yearbook (I pretty much made more than half of that yearbook).

I’ve also created the logo, DVD cover, and cd cover for the upcoming tournament Impact Clash based in Atlanta.

Recent mod I made to a HFS3:

Who am I and why?

My name is Yousef and I’m a college student and artist. I’ve been working with Photoshop for a number of years now and have been taught by many people on how to work with the program. I’ve also gone through a countless number of online Photoshop tutorials.

I’ve also been on the yearbook committee back in HS. Junior year I was assistant to the head, and senior year I was the head of the yearbook committee. I basically did more than half the yearbook lol. Let’s just say I know what I’m doing.

I’m doing this at low prices because this is more about me getting my work out and trying to make sticks more unique! I love fighting games and so I want to contribute to the community.

I think that covers everything… this is just a BETA because I’m testing things out/see if there is interest.


[I thought up of this idea back on May 31st, and this is in no way an attempt to try to compete with “haha im a panda”]

Your links don’t work.

Fixed :wgrin:

Running x amount of filters doesn’t really constitutes as artwork though dude.

And some would say that Monet is the biggest scam artist of the century.

Thanks for your opinion anyways. I do use filters, but not in the context that you proclaiming.

You can always choose Method 2.

Hey Canto this is awesome I’ll for sure be taken one of those slots very soon just need to get some stuff together first, but this is good to know.

Sent you an Email homie.

You charge for that? Wow…

Hey buddy Deviantart is full of super talented arTEESTS that wouldn’t like that comment to much. It’s not like everyone and their cousin, XxXxMajinSSJ9G0ku420XxXx, can open photoshop and create these masterpieces.

o wait. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Damn dude I guess its a crime to try to make a little extra money while going to school.

Besides I like the idea of paying for it then I don’t have to settle for anything because some dude is taking time out of his day to do me a favor for free,and if you don’t want to pay for his services why go on his thread and post a wack ass comment just to try and screw up someones thread?

Me personally 10$ isn’t going to make me bankrupt and I can’t wait to see what we can come up with.

lol @ paying $10 for a filter thrown onto a piece. It’s a two minute job max.

Con artist.

yeah sorry, all that stuff on the top is like doable in 2 minutes tops.

I don’t see any amount of creativity or personal touch to them at all.

This is very much a rip off.

Thanks, I appreciate your jackassery.

I’m sorry man, but anyone can do the filter work *you * did, and personally I wouldn’t even post that up.

Here’s something people might buy though:

Take a piece of artwork and make it work for a stick, slap it with whatever you’ve got and the post that up so we can see what you can do with actual artwork, then I’m sure some people might be interested.

Just so you know, there are a lot of users here who do this kind of work for free, so unless you show us something really substantial,(not to be an asshole) you are probably going to get very minimal business.

i agree with everybody saying this shouldnt be sold. its just a 2 minute photo shop job that anybody can do. a great example of a artwork seller is haha im a panda. do stuff like him and you will see more people liking what you are doing.

I just bookmarked http://www.pslover.com/ . I’m now your new competitor.

I don’t appreciate you calling yourself an artist buddy.

that could be considered cutting edge computer generated imagery… in like the 1950s maybe. please direct me to the “countless photoshop tutorials” you have gone through - i really am curious. im guessing they are the ones under the help menu that tell you how to apply a filter.

I’d have to agree with the above, I don’t think you’ll get much reaction from basic photoshop work. I do this stuff for a living and I wouldn’t charge an SRKer to help them out with artwork. I did Axis’ new logo for free (although he changed the font to some ugly stencil junk j/k Axis :stuck_out_tongue: ).

What you should probably do is help people out and then earn a bit of a reputation before you charge others that way people get to know you before you begin to “sell yourself.”

Just my .002