WTS: Zen's "Winter Is Coming" Cleaning Grab Bag (UPDATE, 10/30/13)

Bumping up the thread; added my Hori FSVX, love this stick but don’t need it anymore. I’ve switched back to Playstation.

Price drop on the Sanwa’d Hori.

Price dropped again.


FFIX and VX PCB w/etc SOLD!

Are you still looking for SFxT for PS3? If so I have it for sale in my thread.


Thanks for the heads up; sorry I just caught this. Wasn’t paying attention clearly enough. I’ll keep your thread on watch in the future.

Also Tatsunoko Fight sold & shipped, huzzah!

Hey thanks for the games and the PCB ^^ Came here a while ago but work and such caught up to me.

What color Sanwa OBSC’s are you looking for?

Two model kits added. Digging around, may post up some extra stuff soon.

Thread resurrection. I just bought one each of seimitsu and sanwa clear 24/30mm to test them out first. If I decide to get OBSC’s and you still have them I’ll hit you up.

PM’ed mang

Added some tech, an HD Waterproof Camera, an old-school GBP (won’t power on), and an older Blackberry (tactile keyboard, fully functioning), and an iPhone 3G (fully functioning, minor scuffs), and lastly a 3rd Gen iPod Nano (fully functioning, minor scuffs on the rear plate).

Added, pics for the superior tech, PLEASE forgive the photos being oddly rotated. I took the photos with my iPhone and I’m using a PC to upload them so they have this metadata conflict which makes the photos spiral out of control. I’m working on it. :slight_smile:

Sinanju is pending.

Pm sent

PM sent

Bump for items added & updates.

PM’d on Super Messiah

I’d like MGS VR.
PM me your paypal?