WTS Zombie Cpt's Premade sticks *SOLD*

I have (1) new premade stick for sale…SOLD

Top view…

Maxim reflection test…

Wiring View…

Complete set of photos here.

This is going for $110 shipped in the lower 48 states(international shipping extra) via USPS priority with delivery confirmation. The price is because of a couple of minor defects…
-there is a small gap in the top panel and edge of box as seen here
-there are small “pits” on the top edge of the box, not noticeable.
-the top right corner of the bottom plexi panel is cracked but the rubber feets hides it.

The specs…
-light blue color box(looks better in person cos it has metallic)
-box dimension approx. 7.5" x 11.5" x 2"
-Sanwa JLF with blue balltop
-Seimitsu PS-14-GN(blue with clear)
-Sanwa OBSN-24(blue)
-Official SONY brand ps1 digital pcb

As always, thanks for looking!

Goddamn that is a really good price. Someone needs to jump on this asap.

PM sent about the hacked pad.

PM Sent. Consider it sold :wgrin:

If Johnny lags out, PM me =]

Will do, thanks for looking!

that thing is freagin’ sweet! Glad to see you back in action Zombie CPT.

very nice stick but I’m disappointed we didn’t get to find out who’s in this month’s maxim. do the test, do it! :rofl:

Zombie are you gonna start making sticks again? The cammy stick i got from you awhile back is a champ.

Everything is sold, thanks for looking! I’ve got the itch to start building again so we will see how long that last this time. Sorry Monte, my subscription to Maxim ran out. Maybe if I sell a couple more sticks, I can afford to renew.

I started work on another so I will post that one up as soon as it’s done(couple of weeks?)

Preview bump!

wow that looks good, how much?

it’s the return of the zombie cpt style of painting! :party:

Probably going to be $145 shipped wired for ps1 or $170 shipped wired for xbox360. If you are interested, shoot me a PM and we can work out the details. Thanks for looking!

Nice bootystick. :wgrin:

we use the same sandpaper. Not to be unfair but ZombieCPT is number one.

Zombie, can you post a more overhead shot of the new stick? That artwork looks sweet and I’d like a better look at it.

I wish I can take credit for the art but it’s just a random Cammy pic I found on the interwebs. Here’s a copy of the original, I just flipped it and darken the background to match the paint.


And yea, I do likes me some bootysticks, I think like the majority of the premades I made are bootysticks. I’m 90% certain that the new one I started today will have some female character showing off her “assets” again.

you sir are a great stick maker.

Thanks but I don’t think my sticks are all that great. They’re just your basic painted MDF rectangle boxes. Now TMO, BigPockets, Brydo, etc., thems are great stick maker.

PS…I’ll stop with the post whoring of this thread now until this stick is good to go.

Nobody paints like you tho zombie.

Each of those stick makers has something that makes their sticks great, be it design or construction. Your stick are great because nobody can paint them like you.