WTS Zombie Cpt's Premade Sticks

Hi everyone, I’m back with another premade stick for sale today. It’s nothing special, just another unspectacular rectangular MDF box with your typical anime girl art. Here are the pictures…

Overhead shot

Reflection shot

Wiring shot

Full photo set here…

-Ultramarine blue painted MDF box, approx 12"x8"x2"
-Sanwa JLF w/light blue balltop
-6x 30mm Seimitsu PS-14-k(blue)
-2x 24mm Seimitsu PS-14-dn(black/bllue)
-Official Sony digital ps pcb

I’m asking for $150 shipped via USPS priority mail anywhere in the lower 48 states(international shipping more.) I accept paypal or money order, will ship when payment is cleared.

I like the colors on this stick, the paint wasn’t as good as I had hoped but it’s still nice, glossy and smooth as a baby’s butt(no pedo?) Thanks for looking, Zombie out…

Wow. Beautiful stick there :tup:. Hope someone picks it up =)

P.S. PS-14-K blues drool I’ll never find a set =\

Yea, I think they are discontinued or something. I picked this up last year from TRNG and been waiting to use them.

beautiful work as usual.

damn so sexy someone hop on dis joint

Damn that’s nice. If I had the money i’d buy that one too.

how are you doing the paint on those

Read this to get a rough idea of the techniques…

Now we need to modify it a bit for MDF. After I rough out the box and glue the sides together, I rough sand it with 60 grit sandpaper. Use some wood filler at the seams so you don’t get those ugly lines in the finished product. Then use 150 grit to even things out, then some 320 grit to really get the surface nice and smooth for primer.

The way I apply the paint is to spray a light coat, wait a minute or two, spray another slightly thicker coat, wait another minute or two and spray another slightly thicker coat. Let that dry for like a day. So it’s a total of 3 coats for each “coat” of paint.

Once you have the first coat of primer down, take some 400 grit sandpaper and basically sand away most of that. Repeat the process of applying the primer again. Take 600 grit sandpaper and wet sand it. Depending on how good it looks after the sanding, you can proceed to apply the color or do another coat of primer/wet sanding.

Do the color the same way(3 coats and let it dry for a day or so.) Take some 800 grit sandpaper and wet sand it. Apply some more color, wet sand with 1000 grit sandpaper. Again, depending on how the color looks, proceed to clear coating or do another coat of color/wet sanding.

Again, apply the clear coat the same way. Let it dry at least 48 hours this time, wet sand with 1500 grit sandpaper. Apply more clear coat, let it dry again for at least 48 hrs and wet sand with 2000 grit.

Tired yet, no? Good cos here comes the part that will make your arm feel like jello. Take some rubbing compound and go at it. Depending on how happy you are with the result, do another application. Once you are done, take some polishing compound and do the same. Again, do another application if you wish. Once that’s done, take some glaze and apply it. Usually I just do one coat of this and proceed to finish the whole thing off with a coat or two of wax. I think if you have an electric buffer, it will be a whole lot easier but I’m poor and have to do this by hand.

Also, I use Duplicolor brand paints, like the ones for cars and such you find at Krangens/AutoZone/PepBoys. They are a little more expensive but I feel they are better quality and more color choices.

If you check my picasa gallery, you can see some picture of each step in some of the custom sticks I’ve done for people. I usually like to update custom order customers with daily pictures updates, they probably get sick of me though with my updates.

I would make a tutorial but you know, I’m lazy plus I think Shaft Agent said he was in the middle of making one. His paint jobs are like better than mine anyways.

Umm yea, that’s about it. So c’mon, somone buy this stick so I can buy TMO’s blank he will have for sale Thursday. I want to have at least one good stick in my stick collection.

Zombie- You already know you’re man with the plan. I am down to buy a pre-made from ya but I need some non anime chick artwork. It’s great quality as usual, I guess I am just a minority in that area. But dude’s seem to love that stuff so it makes sense that’s what you would go with.

If you want this one, I can swap out the art work to something you want. Might take a day or two since I need to desolder the buttons. Let me know.

Damn that is awesome. Wish I wasn’t broke right now otherwise I’d totally buy it.

All I can offer is a HRAP 2 SA for trade. :rofl:

Hmmmmm, I am very tempted but that’s some trouble for you to swap all that out when someone may want it as is. If its not sold in a week or two I will want to do that.

The paint job is phenomenal.

pm sent

how does he do it? also where’s the maxim, last time you sold a custom stick you said you were going to use it for a maxim subscription. you sold that stick fraudulently!

PM sent. Ignore my previous one I sent. Thx

Okay, so here’s the deal, these is the order of people who PM about the stick…

  1. xxxxxx(private since I think they said it is a gift)
  2. filldoh @ 1:35PM
  3. colinisgood @ 1:57PM

I will wait until I hear back from the first person and move down the line if it falls though. Maybe I should offer blank boxes instead since it looks like interest picked up after I posted that I am willing to swap art. Thanks for looking!

Aww man, I thought we were cool, why you gotta call me out like this? I will stop making stick until I get some more maxims.

Or you could continue to make premade sticks with the option of swapping out art. I’m kind of interested in picking this up IF no one else wants it. I like the art. >_>