WTS Zombie Cpt's premodded sticks

Time to cash in the SF4 hype! I have this beauty for the xbox360 for sale.




Full set here…

Norris Arcade DIY angled stained dark walnut
Seimitsu LS-32 with Numbski’s metallic black glass balltop
6 X Sanwa OBSN 30mm buttons
3 X Seimitsu PS-14-k 24mm buttons
Gamestop(madcatz) non-cg xbox360 wire controller.

Price will be $180 plus actual shipping, NOTE: this is SOLD to Sazae! My feedback is here. Thanks for looking!

If you will accept payment on Thursday I will be more than happy to take this stick off your hands.

Sure thing, shoot me a PM to confirm.

Thank you, PM sent

Boy that one didn’t last long. Nice job zombie.


nice job man, i like the cammy artwork .

Really nice box man!

nice art!

zombie cpt,

Beautiful stick as always. I have 180 bucks waiting for you if you have something similar pal. Will pay up front. No BS.


That’s stick’s rad. I’m not big on menstruation fetishism, though. Not at all surprised at how quickly it was scooped up.

Haha, the only reason why this was snapped up with the quickness is cos it was a Norris Arcade box. If it were one of my, as some have called it “cheap MDF shit boxes,” it would be up for days and no one would want it.

Seems like a good demand for it so maybe I will have to buy another Norris box to paint. Hopefully I can grab one before it sells out in like a minute.

You sir win the best reply of the day! Well played, if I ever sell anything to you, you will get a discount, lol.

zombie cpt,

If you decide to make another box like this, please hit me up. Got cash and a never opened wii if you want to trade. Maybe something for the ps3 :slight_smile:

Nice comment Vynce.


I will keep you in mind if I can get another Norris case. Thanks!

Thursday cannot come quick enough. I can’t wait to get this stick. Tired as hell of my modded ex2, plus I only play Cammy in HDR so this is perfect.

Good show, fellas. Props to Zombie Cpt. for not taking advantage of the hype and stick shortage and charging like $400!

Grats Sazae. Awesome stick zombie. The walnut is awesome. very clean inside too. If you end up making more of these, let me know.

Aww, dang it, you mean I can charge more and people are going to pay? That’s it, highest offer takes it, PM me now.

In case you didn’t catch it, I was only kidding. Don’t PM me with any offers as this is pretty much guaranteed to Sazae.

I’m only posting to post whore so I can get up to 500.

Thanks again, quick question though. Is it the bumpers or the triggers that are wired up?

Bumpers are wire, Trigger are just glue down with hot glue so the are not active.

If everyone in front backs out I am paypal ready:)