WTS Zombie Cpt's premodded sticks


Time to cash in on SF4 hype stick #2!




Full album can be found here.

As you can see, this is a modded Nubytech SF 20th Anniversary stick. The spec are as follows…

-New acrylic cut on top, eliminated 2 right most buttons and start/select
-Happs competition stick(this is the older Happs stick, the ones people say are better than the newer version.)
-Happs competition buttons
-Dual modded with Madcatz 360 and regular Cthulhu board via DPDT switch
-Relocated start/guide/back buttons to front, these are cheapo buttons but who cares right?

I am asking for SOLD TO SENSE!!! on this stick. If you want a stick that will work for both system and don’t like Japanese sticks, this is one you’ve been looking for! Thanks and have a nice day!


Damn you zombie cpt,

I wanted to buy your next stick, especially if it’s Chun Li. BUT I DONT WANT HAPP PARTS (AND YOU DUAL MODDED IT).

I’m about to just buy this for the hell of it . . . god dude. . .

Question: did you get a norris case by chance? If so reply back man. Luv the stick dude.



Yes I did and yes there is something special planned for that. Won’t be ready anytime soon though =[ since I have a bunch of pcbs to do apparently.


zombie cpt,

if there’s something special planned for it, i hope you mean it’s for sale, luv your work.

Question, that chun li stick. . where are the cords man?



The usb cable in it’s storage compartment. If you look at the picture showing the bottom, there’s a panel with a couple of push tabs that you can open and store the cord away when not in use.

Depending on how the NAS comes out, I might decide to keep it, would be the first I keep if that happens. Not sure yet, like I said, it’s a long ways away and I have a couple few other sticks that I will have ready prior to that.


zombie cpt,

I’ve bought 5 sticks since the release of SF4, I was truly awaiting a full Sanwa dual modded stick from you and missed the amazing Cammy stick you made.

Thanks for answering my questions, I’ll pass on this one (I hope this wasn’t a mistake). But again LOVELY stick man. Good luck with your sale.



I would like to buy this stick


Oh dang, Sense just beat me to the punch! :slight_smile:


zombie cpt, you are selling these for too low of a price in the post-sf4 world :slight_smile: you could easily add another 30 bucks and it’d still go very quickly.

if the sense falls through i’ll pick it up.


Haha, you know I’ve heard that ever since I started this hobby close to 2 years ago. Even before the SF4 hype! My thinking is that as long as I continue enjoying doing this stuff, I will try to keep the prices as low as I possibly can.

I live paycheck to paycheck and I really can’t afford to spend like $300 on a stick if I didn’t make/mod them myself. I’m sure there are some other people in the same boat as me so I try to make stuff they can buy and enjoy. They might not be getting the best but I feel my junk doesn’t look too shabby either so the price point is good.

At the same time, I am sure there are some rich mofos here that can afford a $300+ stick. At this time, there are plenty of people charging that on ebay and if people are willing to pay, let them be. /end rant!

Also, this is sold to sense, I hope you like it! I am going to start work on hype stick #3 soon, keep an eye out for it. And remember kids, you are not playing SF4 unless you are playing on an overpriced ebay stick!


So it’s gone?


yes that Cammy stick is amazing :lovin:

Great work like always and happy you were able to move it so fast.


Yup, Sense got it! I was next in line if the deal fell through… :slight_smile:


Keep up the great work man.


Man what a beautiful stick w/ the best case out there (SFAC) How much did it go for?


$150 + $28 to ship to our neighbors up north.