WTS Zune 120 and Car adapter/charger

Selling my Zune 120 and car adapter/charger. Will sell for $135 together or $120 and $30 separately.

I’m wiling to trade for custom sticks (ps3, ps2, dreamcast) or possibly a decent plunge router and/or circular saw.

The Zune itself is in great condition. The case has a few knicks but the screen has had a self healing protective cover on it since day 1. Functionally, it works perfectly. Car adapter is in similar condition but has seen a slightly more wear do to living in my car. Again, functionally it works perfectly.




Prices are shipped, trades can be negotiated. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.

willing to trade for a stock SE ps3 stick?

check out my old thread to see if we can work something out. I can add cash as well and can you post some pics?


No thanks on the SE ps3 stick.

Didn’t see much I wanted in your thread mcginnis, but I’ll post some pics of it tomorrow.

Bumping cause I’m gonna throw it on Ebay in a week or so. Pics are coming I promise.

Bump for Pictures.

Sale fell through, back on the market!

this is the newer gen right? what kind of stick are you looking for?

Hey man. Its the newest one prior to the arrival of the Zune HD.

As far as sticks go, I’m looking for a decent 1 or 2 for any of the systems listed above. I’m looking for more than a stock Madcatz SE basically.