WTT: 10 Red Sanwa OBSF-24 and New Wii


Hey guys,


10 NEW Red Sanwa OBSF-24 FOR 10 Sanwa OBSN-24

Brand new Wii unopened, sealed (249.99 not including tax) FOR a ps3 or 360 or hybrid stick of good quality (no SE sticks). Preferred Japanese style stick. No ps2 sticks. Straight trade.



Are you looking for straight trade? For your stick do you want japanese or american? Modded PS2 stick w/ PS3 adapter ok?


Answered as above.





Well I have a SE stick with brand new Sanwa joystick and all sanwa buttons (all white) that I have used very little. Everything works flawless. I know you said no SE but I wasn’t sure if you meant SE with stock or what.

Just throwing it out there.


Your original post regarding your wii wasn’t deleted, it was transferred to the Wii selling thread. Please use that.