WTT: 13-month XBOX LIVE card for smaller increment cards

I don’t use my 360 on a regular basis so I prefer to use smaller subscription cards as I need them (usually when a good online game comes out).
So I’m looking to trade a 13 month (12+1) gold LIVE card for either

FOUR 3-month gold LIVE cards (1 month gain for you)


ELEVEN 1-month gold LIVE cards (2 month gain for you)

No offense man, but unless someone got these cards at a cheaper price than retail, it would be a horrible deal (plus 1-months aren’t sold anymore unless you buy it straight from XBL).

3-month card = $20, so you’re asking $80
1-month card (when they sold them) = $8, so you’re asking $88

Again, if people got them for less than retail it could be an alright deal, otherwise this is a terrible deal.