WTT: 3 Balltops, square gate, harness, shaft/dust covers

I have 8x dark hai buttons, used only to test before I pulled them from a TE.
I also have 3x more dark hai buttons, that are heavily used and worn, but still have good plungers and the switches do work, but I can’t say for how long they will last. The rims don’t really snap in well anymore on them.

Also have 2 black balltops, 1 green one, and a square gate, a harness, and a black dust/shaft cover.

$8 or any of these games… PSX only. Case is vital, manual not so much.
FF8, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, SF Collection, Chrono Cross, Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Wild Arms 2, Tobal No.1

As far as reputation goes, I’ve done business with Woop Master Fresh, Khaos Kid, and even going as far back as Al the Great and such. @Valaris should be able to vouch for my trustworthiness as well… He’s known me for 6 years now.


His account says 4 months but this homo’s been around SRK for almost a decade. Whether that means you should trust him or find him creepy is up to you.

Aww, <3 <3 <3

Homo indeed!



Bump. If you’d rather buy them:

$15 all buttons.
$8 all balltops
$20 all buttons, balltops, the shaft/dust cover, square gate insert, and harness.



I’d trade for Tekken 2 and 3 with case and manual.

Pending payment.

buttons gone.

Balltops, gate, harness, shaft/dust cover still up for trades.

3 balltops, square gate, JLF harness, shaft/dust cover.
$8 shipped.

Or I’ll trade for any of the above PS1 games.

Ok, here’s how I’m doing this now.

This is free.
PM me if you’re interested with your address. Comes Friday, I’m going to see who PM’d me about it and randomly pick one of you guys.
If nobody PMs me by Friday, they’re actually going to be thrown in the garbage. My garbage pickup is Saturday morning.
Please don’t let this stuff go to waste.

Waiting to a receive a shipping address from the winner. I put the 5 people that PMd me in a box and pulled one out.

Mods, close this? Thanks.