WTT: 30 GB Zune for Ipod

I’m tired of this thing. My friend has an Ipod, and i’d rather have one instead of the Zune.

This thing is loaded to the brim with songs and video. NO scratches on the screen.

comes with:

  • 30 GB Zune
  • Wall Charger
  • Car Charger
  • USB Sync Cable
  • Fabric Case
  • Metal Case with protective screen



Wanting to trade for:

  • Any size Ipod touch :glee:
  • 30 GB or higher Ipod Video
  • 8 GB Ipod Nano 3rd gen.
  • Any Ipod Classic

Goodluck, but probably slim chance.

You’d probably be better off selling it on ebay then paying the extra for an Ipod

i would do it but i dont think you want a 2gb nano. :rofl: do you? =D

hmmm nahhhh, I’ll have to pass. :3p:

eh worth a try. :rofl: