WTT 360 Blazblue LE for PS3 Blazeblue. WTS other games


have an Xbox 360 Blazblue limited edition and need a ps3 version of the game. if its not LE its OK but you’ll have to trade something extra or add a few dollars.

would also sell for 45+ shipping. possibly taken.

also have a Japanese Fate Stay Night PC CD edition in excellent condition. for 50+ shipping.

Okami Wii 10$
guilty gear accent core 14$
KoF 98 UM ps2 10$
Grand theft auto 4 10$?taken

other things i’m interested in are ps2 to ps3 converters, and ps3 Street fighter 4. thats about it.


What system is that GTA4 for?


Is accent core plus or just vanilla?


vanilla. is thre price too high than?
gta is for 360


I’d say the price isn’t too bad cheaper than buying in store anyways…

best of luck


How much are you looking at for shipping on GTA? I have not played any GTA games since GTA 2 (back when it was still a top-down shooter) and am thinking of seeing what the game is like now.


just like 2.50$ thats all it costs to ship


Awesome, I’ll take it then. Paypal me your info and I’ll send the money tonight.