WTT - 360 Transformers War for Cybertron DLC codes


I have 3 extra codes for 360 version of T:WFC to trade. They are for Shockwave. I need Jazz and Demolisher.

Anyone up for a trade?

I also can get PS3 versions of these Shockwave codes, but i need 360. I may be able to trade other codes for this. Just PM me.



no one? :frowning:


I thought gamestops in US got Jazz?
I’d help you but all i have is shockwave too.


Sorry, I got Shockwave, that’s my boy. Though after playing a scientist, I’m wishing I went with Jazz. I’m on a few different game forums though, if I see a Jazz out there I’ll let you know. Seems Demolisher is pretty rare, not many people went for Amazon.


thanks peeps!